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League Rules
League Rules

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League Rules for Thursday Night Darts

1)      BEGIN PLAY Play begins at 8:00 p.m. for all divisions, but a fifteen (15) minute late allowance will be accepted. At 8:15 p.m. two singles matches must begin, unless both captains agree to wait longer. All matches will begin no more than five (5) minutes following the termination of the previous match. If both teams are present before 8:00 p.m., you can start early if you agree to.
2)      POSTING PLAYERS (both nights) 
a)      All 301 matches will start as a blind draw. All other matches will start with the winning team writing their shooters first, then the losing team matching shooters. If there is a tie after a match, then the next match will be a blind draw.
b)      You can write down shooters’ names that are showing up late in matches. If they don't show up when their match is ready to start, it will be a forfeit and their opponent will shoot two 21-dart games of 401. No changes will be made after the draw unless agreed to by both captains
3)      LEAGUE FORMAT All divisions will play four singles matches of 301 Double In Double Out. Then all divisions will play four singles matches of Cricket. All divisions will then play two doubles matches of 501. Straight in Double Out, and two doubles matches of Cricket. 
4)      BEGIN MATCH First game starts with a cork shot. Home team has option on the cork. Cork ties Cork. In the event of a tie, shooters will re-shoot for cork in the opposite order until the tie is broken. Winner of the cork will start the first game; the loser of the first game (not cork) starts second game. If there is a third game, visiting team has option on cork. All matches consist of the best 2 out of 3 games.
5)      SHOOTING THE CORK When shooting the cork no darts may be touched or removed from the cork when deciding who has won the cork. Single and double corks may be pulled in requested by the opposing player before his/her cork shot. Double cork beats single cork. If a dart falls out of the board or does not land within the scoring area of the board, the dart will be re-thrown. 
6)      SCORING THE MATCH Each game won counts as one point for that team. Maximum team points in all divisions are 24 for Thursday and 16 for Tuesday. 
7)      PRACTICE BOARDS All boards to be used during matches that night must be made available for practice at least 20 minutes before league play for the visiting team. Any team member involved in a league match may not practice on the current match board or any adjacent board while involved in that league match. No team may practice on an adjacent board while a league match is in progress. 
8)      SCORE KEEPING When shooting any match, make certain that the scorekeeper marks the score before removing any darts. In case of discrepancy, the scorekeeper has final say. If there is no scorekeeper, the shooter must mark the score before removing darts. Any team member is allowed to give strategy or out shots even when chalking, but only to its own team members. Shooters are ultimately responsible for their own strategy. Points will be scored where the darts enter the board; the point of the dart must be touching the board to score. 
9)      TOUCHING DARTS If a shooter touches a dart in the board before all three have been shot, or it the dart shot is the check dart his/her turn is over. The remaining darts may not be shot. Verification of score should be done by visual inspection or by asking the scorekeeper. 
10)  FOOT PLACEMENT Players may not have their feet or shoes extend beyond the toe line while shooting. On the first occurrence the shooter may be warned. The second time and every time thereafter, the shooter will forfeit that dart. Captains should observe the match after the first warning. 
11)  WRITTEN SCORES In ’01 games, any discrepancy in the score must be cleared up before the team in error shoots again. In cricket games the discrepancy must be cleared up before opposing team shoots. If not noticed in time, the discrepancy will remain as written. 
12)  FALLING DARTS Darts must remain in the board for at least 5 seconds after the third dart is thrown to count for score. 
13)  CURFEW No game may start after 12:30 a.m., unless both captains agree. Any games left un-played will count as double forfeits. 
14)  QUITTING Leaving any league match or running shoot-off without consent of the team captain or shoot-off without consent of league representative will result in a forfeit of all personal points or awards associated with the event. 
15)  POSTPONEMENTS Any request for a postponement must be made to the opposing captain at least 24 hours before the scheduled match.  Postponements must be requested under an emergency situation. No team will be allowed more than three postponements per season. Any after that will be forfeits.  If a team does not show up for a match without notice, opposing team can still give a postponement at their discretion. 
16)  FORFEITS If a team does not accept a postponement from a team with no chance to make it up, it will be a forfeit. Both teams will still pay their own dues for said date. The team receiving the forfeit will receive its average team points and personal points awarded up to that date. The forfeiting team will receive no points for that night. All averages will be rounded to the nearest whole number. 
17)  DOUBLE FORFEITS A double forfeit is when two teams cannot come up with a date for a postponement before the end of the season. Both teams will still pay their own dues for said date and receive their average team points and personal points. 
18)  CONDUCT Any un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated in this league. The first act of un-sportsmanlike conduct should be brought to the attention of both captains. Examples of un-sportsmanlike conduct are: Loud bad language, throwing anything not conductive to league play, or throwing their darts at anything other than a dart board. Any problems should be settled between the two captains and players(s) involved. Second warning to the same player(s) for that night will result in forfeit of matches. Once a player has been warned a second time in one night, both captains should get in touch with the league director within 48 hours of the match to give their accounts of the incident. When the league director receives two un-sportsmanlike conduct reports on the same player in any one season, player may be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season. Fighting will result in suspension from the league. 
19)  PROTESTS All protests must be made to the league director within 48 hours of the disputed match. Players must bring any protest to their Captain's attention immediately. Do not wait until the end of the game or the match to protest. Such protests include sandbagging (scoring a lot of unnecessary points to build up personal points.) 
20)  TEAMS  Each team consists of a minimum of four, and a maximum of six players including the captain. Once a player has shot for a team that player may not change teams that season except if the team drops from the league or the player is removed from the team by the captain and the league director approves the move to the new team. Teams may add players up to the maximum during the first eight weeks of the season, provided that the league director is contacted at least 24 hours prior to the next match and the league director approves the new player for that team. No more than six shooters can be used in any one night's match. Any team member who does not shoot at least one match all season will not be eligible to shoot in the shoot-offs, luck of the draw, or attend the party as a member.
21)  BYES If all teams in a division are receiving the same amount of byes in a season, than all teams in that division will not receive any team points or personal points for their bye. If byes are uneven in a division, the team or teams will receive their average points at the end of the first half of the season. If the bye is after the first half, the average points will be awarded up to that date. No league fees are due for that week. 
22)  DROPPING OUT Any team who drops out at any time during a season will not be eligible for: Shoot-offs, party or luck of the draws, sponsored by the league or any awards, unless: a member of that team is picked up by another team with the league directors permission; member pays all fees he/she owes from prior team. If a team drops out any time during a season, the league director will subtract all team points and personal points from any team that has shot the team dropping out more times than any other team in that division. 
23)  SCORE SHEETS One sheet is to be filled out by both the home team and visiting team each night. Each captain is to keep one sheet for team records. The sheets must be dated and signed by each captain. Both captains are responsible for going over the sheets at the end of the night, to ensure the personal points and team scores are the same. The home team captain is responsible for calling the scores into the league director before 8:00 pm the following night. 
24)  IDLE SHOOTERS A team must have at least two shooters to avoid a forfeit. The shooter who draws the blank in a shorthanded situation will throw two 21-dart games of 401 regardless of the singles match entered, in addition to getting all personal points earned within those 21 darts. The shooter will receive the CD in each match. If the shooter takes the game out within the 21 darts, he/she will receive the assist, also. In the event of a 3 versus 3 match, one singles will be a double forfeit. When a team is missing a shooter in a doubles match, two shooters will face two shooters and two shooters will face one. In the event one team only has two shooters, that team must match one shooter against two shooters in each doubles. 
25)  FEES Each bar will pay $20.00 sponsorship fee per season, regardless of the number of teams that bar is supporting. Membership fee will be $5.00 a season per person, even if they shoot both nights. Bar and membership fees are due by the fourth week of the season. Individuals who have not paid by then, will be penalized one personal point per week until paid. Weekly dues are $16.00 per team.
All team dues can be sent in quarterly (weeks 4, 8, 12 and 16), in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Teams may pay the whole season in advance. Teams have one week after the due date to have their dues paid for that quarter. If not paid for in time, they will be penalized a point per week. Any member also can pay their dues to a Board Member any time during the season. The Board Member will give you a receipt.
26)  CALLING IN SCORES All home team captains only will have to call in scores and personal points for both teams every week. If no one answers leave team scores and personal points for both teams on the answering machine. Call in score by 8:00 p.m. on the Friday following the match or one point will come off team score. If stats are mailed out without a score because no one called it in, home team will be penalized two points. (Make sure scores you call in are the same on both teams’ score sheets.) 
27)  CAPTAIN'S DUTIES Captains are responsible for reading all rules and by-laws of BCEDL and understanding their interpretations. Main duties include: Accuracy of score sheets, sending fees and weekly dues on time, maintaining home location and calling scores in on time (home teams only). Team conduct: Sometimes things happen so fast captains don't know what happened, if so deal with it the best that you can. But don't let it get worse. Do whatever you can to talk between team captains and shooters involved. If this does not seem to work, both captains need to postpone the rest of the matches for that night, and let me know about it. I will either try to reschedule the rest of the matches at a later date or have a double forfeit for the matches. 
28)  AWARDS Awards for personal points in divisions 1, 2 and 3 will be given to the top 25% of each division. Awards for shoot-offs will be given to the last three shooters left in all divisions. Awards will be given to shooters who hit a ton-80, ton-71 or 6 corks. Any shooter who is receiving at least three of the individual awards listed above, will instead receive a plaque with all the achievements listed on it. If your team finishes in first place, you will still receive an individual trophy. 
a)      To provide boards in good playing condition 
b)      Adequate lighting for all boards 
c)      Adequate quantities of markers or chalk 
d)      Scoreboards in good condition 
e)      Visual toe lines
f)        Team Drink
30)  UNNECESSARY DELAYS Delays due to shooter on telephone, singing karaoke, playing pool, poker machine or any other amusement machine will result in forfeiture of first three darts if more than 5 minutes late. Interruption of play for more than 5 minutes in the middle of a match will result in forfeiture of match. 
31)  AGE All shooters must be at least 18 years of age. Any shooter under 21 years old must put there ago on the membership form at the beginning of the season. Players under 21 years old will be marked with an * next to their name on the team roster. If anyone lies about his or her age or the age of a team member he/she will be cut from the roster and will not be allowed to shoot for the rest of the season. No kids under 16 will be allowed at the dart party. (No Exceptions)
32)  BOUNCED CHECKS Any person/team bouncing a check to the league (for any reason) is responsible for paying the league the amount of the check plus any fees or penalties incurred by the league as a result of the bounced check. 
33)  ELIGIBLE SHOOTERS Membership in the BCEDL is open to anyone who pays the $5.00 membership fee. The only exception will be those shooters who are removed from the league for violating previous rules (Un-sportsmanlike conduct, lying about one's age, etc.) or for failure to pay all fees from a previous season. 
34)  SHOOT-OFF ELIGIBILITY Only bars with a minimum of four boards will be considered for hosting a shoot-off. The top 16 shooters in personal points to show up at the appointed time in any division will shoot unless shooter owes money or is a member of a team that owes the league money. 
35)  VERIFICATION OF CHECK DART A shooter must tell the opponent or the opponent’s team mate, verbally if he/she has thrown a check dart before pulling winning dart. 
36)  SANDBAGGING (Scoring a lot of unnecessary points to build up personal points) Building up personal points is considered un-sportsmanlike conduct. (Refer to rule 18) Unnecessary points are points you don't need to get the check dart. It also delays the game and in some cases tempers flair. The league will not tolerate this protest any more. 
a)      1st offense: A warning to shooter in any season 
b)      2nd offense: There will be a deduction of one half of total points for that night for a shooter in any season. 
c)      3rd offense: Shooter will receive no points for that night. 
d)      4th offense: Shooter will be suspended form the league for that season.
37)  TIE BREAKER In the event two teams tie at the end of the season and are facing each other the last week: They will shoot one team match (4 shooters) of 701 that night. If two teams are tied but not shooting each other the last night: They will have to shoot a 701 match the night of their shoot offs. Start time will be 1 hour earlier than the shoot offs begin. In the event three or more teams tie: There will be a date set for a round robin. It will be right away and at a bar with 4 boards. 
38)  HANDICAPS Handicaps will be in the form of marks in cricket matches and used only when needed.
If a team has marks coming before each match the shooter will mark down on their side of score board: / = 1 mark, X = 2 marks in any boxes they wish except corks. You can't use three marks in any one box to close it; you must close the box by shooting the darts. If two shooters or teams are shooting each other who are receiving marks, just subtract the marks and the team with the most will receive the difference. Handicaps in ‘01 games will be 20 points off your beginning score for each mark you have coming. Handicaps in single matches will be on an individual basis. Handicaps for doubles or triples will be on a team basis. All handicaps are announced at the beginning of the season.
39)  SHOOT OFFS All shoot offs will start at 8:00 p.m. Anyone showing up late will not shoot. The top 16 shooters in all divisions in personal points to show up in time will shoot. If the top 16 shooters don't show up in time, anyone from that division who is present may be able to shoot by order of finish on personal point sheet. Women's shoot offs will be run the same way and the same time. For the ladies who shoot both nights, the Thursday night personal points will count as their placement. Also because of the women of all divisions shooting each other there will be a handicap used.
40)  PLACING TEAMS IN DIVISIONS The Board has final word on rating a shooter as well as placing a team in its most competitive division. Your League Director will only interfere when it is not in the best interest of the League and the Board. 
Hereinafter known as "The Board"
        Term of office is one year. After that, they can run again against any one in the league who is interested in sitting on The Board. 
        To be a member of The Board, you must be an active shooter on a roster. 
        Any situation put to The Board will have to have a majority vote. The Board will support only the majority vote – individual votes will be overruled by majority.
        All situations will be brought before The Board before the general membership. 
        Must have a copy of the rules handy when doing any business for BCEDL, including nights shooting.
        Work with league director in placing shooters and teams in their rightful divisions. 
        Promotes, advertises and otherwise manages the image of the league. 
        Help find halls and caterers for parties. 
        Appoint what bars for shoot-offs and general membership meetings. 
        Certain Board members are assigned to make sure the bar owners are holding up their responsibilities, and to have all corrections done in a timely manner. 
        All protests and un-sportsmanlike conduct issues will be handled by The Board on a majority vote, excluding any Board member who is involved in said incident. 
        Monitor that the rules of shooting are being followed, and have the authority to interpret the rules to solve a problem when present. 
        Any situation not covered in the rules will be brought to The Board's attention for ruling. 
        Keep the membership informed about league status. 
        Write down any request or suggestion that any league member would like The Board to go over at the next meeting. 
        Collect any money from members who do not feel comfortable in paying the captain