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News from Spring 2003

MARCH 26, 2004


1. Please throw away old schedules, You will be recieving new ones, because of a new team and moving others around.
2. Teams that did not get team plaque last season because of picture not turning out or not taken, I will be taking them this season to get the Plaque to you. I will let you know team b team what week your picture will be taken.
3.If any teams are going to get there stats off the web site let me know and I will not mail them.
4. Your new roster is on the new schedule.
5. Roosters: Add Jeff Hagerty & Doug Williams to COMMODOR'S, Add John Jay 3rd to HEATH ST. and add Kyle Williams to O'DONNELLS
6. Division 1. Mike Lagana and Rick Lease because of 2 teams in your division and only 12 shooters. I would have no problem letting you have 8 shooter teams to have a 16 shooter shootoff at the end of the season. Let Wayne know how you feel.