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Little story about the book.  One day Bob, Jim and Storm (10yrs)  were walking by a stream.  Where little frog's would jump in the mud.  Storm called them Chocolate Milk Frog's.  Well Bob and Jim penned a song about the little frog.  Well one thing lead to another and they decided to Make a book and asked me to draw it.  Of coarse I said No emideatly,  and 2 years later I caved in (along with the economy).  Long story short I got paid,  the book got made and here we are now.  Everybody I know wants one and this seems to be the best way to get them out to you all.

I am New to all of this Exchanging money on the internet.  So Please Bear with me.  While I figure it all out.  So just for Precausionary measures.  I will ask you to send a separate Email Request along with your PayPal submittion.  Just so I know you ordered.  In the email just tell me how many books you want.  I am you sure how multiple book's are gonna work.  The $17 represents one order I have to figure out if you order more books does it bring the shipping and handling down.

What you get with the book:

  1. One Heavy Stock cover and pages Spiral bound.

  2. One DVD of all the book's images Set to Slide show to the Song "The Chocolate Milk Frog"

  3. Signed (Illustrator only)