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Take some time to wish Jason a Speedy recovery.
Take some time to wish Jason a Speedy recovery.


To:  All who know Jason and his family

I have created this page to give everyone information on how Jason is doing and to give the members of the league to wish him well. So thanks to Amy Cox We have the updates.

March 26,2004

News Flash - Our Favorite son has been released! He is on his way home! He can be contacted there or on his cell. (Brandy charged it for him ;-)

March 25, 2004

Here's an update. Address to Bayview Medical Center 4940 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224. I wouldn't suggest flowers because I don't know what kind of surgery he's having. He may not be able to have them in his room. Larry and I plan on visiting Friday after work. To my surprise Jason did call us last night. I was very pleased to hear his voice. He sounds pretty good. I'm sure he won't remember the phone call. Please everyone, keep him in your prayers. - Amy


Denny has been going to work everyday since Jason's accident but I have been with Jason all the time. He is very uncomfortable and understandably grouchy.
They were suppose to operate again today but yesterday we were told that the operation was pushed back to Friday. I woke up this morning with a phone call that Jason is going to be operated on today sometime around 11 am. Denny and I will be there.
At this point I think Jason would like to have visitors or even phone calls as he is really down and I think he needs some pick me up from friends. His room number at Bayview is 612A and his phone number in his room is 410-550-3915. He also has his cell phone with him.

I don't know when he will be released from the hospital after this surgery, but I or Denny will let you know hopefully sometime today.

Please let everyone know that Denny and I appreciate everyones concerns and prayers and are grateful for friends like you.

Much Love,
Denny and Sharon

March 24, 2004


Yesterday Jason had a accident at work and got seriously hurt. Without getting too much into detail his left leg was run over by an asphalt roller. Thank God that the asphalt was loose as his leg was pressed down in the soft asphalt. He did not, lose his leg, but was severely crushed with very huge gash down his leg. Last night the orthopedic surgeons had to make 2 large incissions down the side of his leg to prevent the swelling that might happen.


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